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Aerial Banner Company of Fitchburg Massachusetts, has been doing aerial advertising in New England since 1988 and prides itself in giving only the best in personalized service for all your aerial advertising needs. We specialize in towing large flying Billboards, such as the ones shown. These attract the maximum attention while flying down the beach or over special events. We can handle banner towing and aerial photography nearly anywhere in the United States

The tow plane shown above is a 1957 Cessna 305C, also known in the military as the L-19 Bird-dog. This type of aircraft was built by Cessna for the military and used in Korea and Viet Nam for spotting the enemy and calling in air-strikes against enemy positions. The aircraft makes and excellent banner tow plane becasue of it's good visibility and powerful 213 hp engine capable of towing banners up to 40 feet x 100 ft. This plane can fly very slow attracting lots of attention for your advertizing.

To maximize your aerial advertising dollars, we will fly over lovely Cape Cod beaches in the summer, the Boston Pops July 4th celebration on the Esplanade in Boston, sporting events such as the Boston Marathon, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Head of the Charles Regatta, Louden New Hampshire Speedway (Winston Cup Racing) and the many college football games in the Boston and surrounding areas.

Besides flying over all the areas above, we can customize a route of flight that suits your specific aerial advertising needs anywhere in the United States through my network of pilots and planes. Many other special events, too numerous to list, that draws a large number of people are also available as aerial advertising options.

We can also handle any aerial photography requirements for commercial real estate, advertising, civil engineering etc.

For more details, please contact Harry Nikitas at:
Aerial Banner Company
579 Fisher Rd.
Fitchburg, MA 01420
(978) 343-8700 Phone
(978) 343-3933 Fax
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